About Us

I, the owner of Gullham company, Bakhtiar Dartash, inherited carpentry from my grandfather which has been our family business for a few decades. As a child I have been introduced to wood crafting at a young age. Alongside my school, carpentry became a passion for me.

In 1984 I opened a small carpentry shop and started my own career as a carpenter. First, I started by creating accessories and building wooden doors. As customers came to my shop and saw the pieces they were very interested in my work. This encouraged me to expand my career to crafting further household furniture. I started to design more complex structures such as furniture and office supplies. Later on, more customers were visiting and I could not fulfill their demands on time. I decided to employ several people. I got to be known as one of the most famous carpenters of the city.

Beside the carpentry, in the year 2011, I created Gullham company and started trading with well-known Turkish companies and imported their pieces to Gullham company at Kurdistan. Ever since then, Gullham company has been known to be one of the best mobilya.

Honesty in delivering our clients’ demands has been our slogan. We have established a very broad relationship with companies from Italy, Poland, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

We have pierced successful designers’ work together to provide the best pieces. We have the best indoor, outdoor, light and accessory products that can make your hotel, palace, home, public areas, garden or office be the lace you are most comfortable at and never get bored of.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers at an affordable price. To us, satisification is not only about the designs our customers see, but the quality of our products. We want to provide you a variety of comfortable products with designs that would satisfy our customers’ demand.

Gullham company offer a peaceful and pleasant environment for shopping along with high quality and latest design available worldwide. The companies that we trade with from Italy, Poland, Indonesia, and Malaysia share the same product with Kurdistan as with their own country and all European countries that they are sharing with.